I feel like this medication is useless to me. Restlessness, still lingers and get up at night sometimes. I move around a lot.


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  • Sheeba


    I take 2 mgs of benztropine at night because most of the psych drugs are taken at night. I don't have the inner restlessness you are experiencing. I have before I got put on it though. It is called akathisia and it can get really nasty. Most if not all psych drugs cause that. Thr worst one for me was saphris. I had akathisia starting about an hour after I took it and I had no control over it. I wsd up all night and by the time it stopped I got maybe an hour of sleep. Then after I ate breakfast I had to take my morning meds and saphris was included. So I only had a few hours reprive before the akathisia started up again and messed me up for the rest of the day. Try to up the dose of the benstropine. I take 2 mgs. It doesn't go any higher than 3 mgs a day.

  • Sheeba


    Don't increase without seeing your doctor.

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