I'm still sick. Today is my 10th day out of school and my grandma thinks I'm faking it. My mom and I both know that I stay sick for a long time when I get sick, but she doesn't know that and even if she did she would think I'm faking it anyway. She won't let me stay in my room and rest like I need to be, since she doesn't believe I'm sick. She refuses to take me to the doctor, I only ask her because my mom is disabled so she can't take me. I haven't slept in 2 days, I can't eat, I have a fever, and my entire body hurts and I've told her this multiple times but she still won't take me. So what I'm getting at here is does anyone have any good remedies or medicines that I can use to feel better. All of this is from covid a while back and at first it wasn't too bad but now it's becoming unbearable.


Bipolar Disorder

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


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