I am adopted, had to give up my first and only baby (born October 26) for adoption to give her a better life, 19 years old and struggling with stress I have all the time & my postpartum depression and anxiety.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • salsadancer53


    you got this!!

  • NicoleHatt


    ❤️ I had to give my two oldest to my parents who then split. My step dad got them. I've been in their lives but had no rights to them. It feels so difficult to watch them struggle and feel helpless. After all of that turmoil, my babies are 17 and 15. They love me deeply. And I feel that if I didn't give them up, it may have ended bad. Just figured I'd share some of my story to relate... I know haw rocky it can get. Just remember. You are loved and everything that happens (even the stuff that doesn't seem so great) has a purpose and reason. You will find yours.

  • shonie



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