Hello everyone who commented on my post I want to thank you for your suggestions unfortunately I am still feeling very frustrated and very depressed my anxiety is through the roof. A friend of mine wants me to go to dinner with her tonight but I am not sure if I want to go. Any suggestions should I go she is supposed to be here at 4:00. it is 3:00 now.


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  • Squishlover


    I think you should go. try not to isolate yourself. I know you are prob tired and don't want to get ready but you'll feel better with fresh air. I have to force myself also. when I stay inside on my days off I always feel worse.

  • Butterflygoddess


    Yes 🤗 do it. It feels better to talk and hang out

  • Leese


    The problem is I don't talk about it I am scared to I keep everything in because I am scared of being judged

  • Mitzie


    You should go if it gets to be too .uch you can go, your friend will understand but at least make the effort and it might feel good. Sending you a hug!

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