I don't know if it works but a new company bought the store that I work at and I'm having a panic attack thinking about whether or not they might train me in more direct customer positions. The lingering thought I'm having is that if I explain to them that I'm autistic and semi-nonverbal, that I get overwhelmed/overstimulated easily and when I'm stressed sometimes I physically can't speak and so I'm more comfortable in the grill area.. What if they fire me for that?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Rayyybies


    If your formally diagnosed with autism and you ask for accommodations (I'd use that word when you explain all this) then any reasonable persons would just let you keep doing your job as it is now. Any company should be expected to provide reasonable accommodations if asked. I'll be honest this is as much as I know, but ahh- maybe someone else knows more? 💓 I wish you the best

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