Starting a new job on Tuesday and I'm really nervous about being able to perform the duties (cook in a noisy environment). Any words of encouragement/advice would be awesome :)

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  • KzooDiana


    Can you maybe listen to your favorite music on headphones? That would make a better noise and less stressful...

  • Axe_Man


    This isn't exactly something most people would say, but if the noises really bother you, you should focus on them instead of ignore them. Listen to them, think about what made each noise, or maybe make up music with them. It helps me sometimes, i usually just find myself getting aggravated or stressed if i try to ignore noises. Anyway, try your best, make it a good day, i wish you the best of luck💕

  • Prinsess_Sofia


    If you’re worried about a working environment being too loud for you I know that if you go on like Amazon or online there are specific earplugs that reduce decibel noise around you while still being able to communicate and hear other people.

  • Katharina


    Loop ear buds

  • sleepyhippo


    Loop ear plugs are amazing! Block out a decent amount of noise but you can still hear if someone talks to you. Wish I had mine back when I worked in a restaurant lol Anyways you've got this!!! If things get overwhelming try grounding exercises or ask the manager if you can have a 5 minute break.

  • WhiteFlamingo


    I cannot stress enough to assert your needs to your employer. If you could have problems resulting from the noise, inform your employer and discuss what actions can be taken if those problems arise. I didn't have a clear discussion with my former employer about my Tourette Syndrome and anxiety, and I ended up having to leave because I felt unsupported and they didn't have a clue. On that note, I also have problems with loud noises. Occasionally I would go to the walk-in cooler to calm down because it was much quieter there.

  • Mewmewkyui


    I think definitely you should get some earplugs or even headphones if you can’t. Be sure to explain to your employer that you can’t perform your best without them. That’s what I did when I used to do warehouse work

  • dog6ude


    i would suggest investing in some loop earbuds!! they are perfect for me for school and public, there is different types so make sure to pay attention to that! i would also say to communicate with your boss and see if accommodations would be available! and get a very good nights rest!!!!! i wish you lots of luck!!!!!!💞

  • ChickenTendies


    Thank you guys for the advice! I will definitely be letting management know

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