Fellow systems! As someone into learning about religion and spirituality, I've found connections and can find something to relate to from many paths. I've always felt a sense of connection to... something. Because I feel like I'm being pulled in many different directions, I've settled on a more universal and secular worldview. However, there are a couple of particular paths that have really drawn me in. What does this look like for you? Do any parts of your system follow a faith or spiritual path other than your own? I'd be happy to take this into chats too! I can talk about this sort of thing for a while 😅

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • AlwaysTired


    Yep, definitely. One of our alters is very into learning more about Wicca. Many of our alters feel a connection to Druidism but don't practice or anything. I'd be surprised if we don't still have at least one Roman Catholic somewhere in the system because we grew up very very Catholic. In general, we consider ourselves agnostic, but there are definitely a variety of opinions in the system. =)

  • Magpi


    We are also following a roughly eclectic pagan path. Two of us still considers themselves Christian but in a philosophical way. A few are more agnostic.

  • KashM


    We are pretty split ourselves. Five of us are Christian, 6 of us are agnostic, one doesn't want to be bothered with religion at all.

  • Ashley1990


    We have many religious paths. Pagan (of various kinds) Christian/both flips of the coin (oh yes we have conflict) Islam Atheist But we find that so long as no harm to the body. People inside. Or people outside its all good and people can have their faith so long as they are respectful about it

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