Do you find that one side of your body is affected worse than another side?
I'm right dominant so my pain is right knee, hip, traps and right side of neck/jaw. I do get pain on both sides but that's when I know the pain is really bad. I don't know if it's because my first injury was my right knee and that throws the rest of my body outta wack or what

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  • Jadie


    Yes! Most of my major joints are hypermobile and I am right handed. My left side has two more hypermobile joints than my right, but my right side has more pain than the left. I can clean my back in the shower well by extending my arm and experience no pain or discomfort but I do anything like that on my right side and Im all messed up. Its very odd to me. I think your dominate side can really impact pain points and riskiest joints.

  • Lrsmitty04


    Yes, 100%. My right side is much more affected!

  • Fibrofoggirl



  • clovers


    My left side is definitely my worse side, major knee, hip, and shoulder problems. What's funny is that I'm right handed, so I'm not sure why my left side is so much worse.

  • Messymexi


    @clovers my husband is the same way! We have no idea why

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I find mine tends to flip flop which side is worse. I’m ambidextrous so maybe that’s why. It’s whatever side I’m using most I think. It’s hard to keep track of

  • Ginger_Britches


    Your theory about the right knee injury makes sense to me. I broke my right foot as a child and it permanently altered my gate. In my 20’s it graduated to knee pain and then 30’s up to my hip and back. Even my right side of my jaw hurts. I don’t relate that too my foot 😂 but I do have one side that is worse. I am also very flat footed because of the EDS and not having that shock absorbency in my feet has wore out two discs in my back.

  • DancingZebra


    Thats so interesting. Yes my whole left side is garbage haha. I’m also left handed so it makes sense my dominant side is injured more often. Especially my knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist. Oh heck it all hurts haha

  • alcane


    Most of my left side hurts a lot more, but my right hip hyperextends more than the left, it's so weird! I also tend to get migraines on the left, too. My jaw is also slightly offset to the left. Im a little crooked lol

  • paigeboleman


    i definitely feel that way! but for me, it switches. it could be days, months, or years between switching, but it always does eventually

  • VixenBelladonna


    My left side has chronic pain from pinched nerves in my lumbar and cervical spine from early onset osteoarthritis, so it hurts tons more, I still get really sore on the other side sometimes but my left is constant 6/10 burning pain now; so yes it is definitely worse on my left side for me. I am right handed.

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