What can I do to recover I feel like him trapped like this forever

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Chrysanthemumbee


    1. Therapy 2. A medication regimen 3. Get your hormones and blood tests done (vitamin deficiencies can exacerbate the symptoms from anxiety) 4. Healthy sleep habits 5. Realize that it will get better!

  • dmcbgl


    +1 for healthy sleep habits. If there's literally anything that you do, it would be to get enough sleep.

  • Cj101


    I find daily exercise and journaling helps— sometimes just need to talk out everything that is rattling in my head.

  • whatsherface


    Getting away from thinking about it helps me. A walk, a trip to a place I like, spending time with people I love and laughing, a hobby I can get lost in. ❤️

  • myownroo


    Find one thing that you can change to make yourself feel a bit better. it sounds silly but. start a new hobby that you used to be interested in. take a class. put on a cool outfit. bake your favorite dessert. go for a walk. wash your face. because those are small and tgeyre easy but if you do little things like that more and more often you wont be trapped. youll be putting in the effort to make yourself feel better

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