So I have anxiety, so much anxiety I cannot even go to the doctor to do my normal things ( I fear doctors wouldn't be understanding and mean, I've had bad experiences in the past). I'm also scared of having my blood drawn. and fear of passing out which I've never done.
I'm at a standstill with everything while having horrible symptoms. it's even making me super depressed. anyone have any encouraging words or advice?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Penguins


    What helped me is gradual exposure under the guidance of a therapist So maybe you can practice driving to the doctors office, then go home. Next day drive back and step inside. Go home. Etc until you make it all the way to the doctors office

  • Suds


    I agree with penguins. Perhaps tiny baby steps. And maybe have a friend or family member help you through it so that you aren’t alone. I also am scared of having my blood drawn and I do pass out when I have it drawn. It’s scary, but maybe start by doing a virtual meeting with a doctor if that’s an option. If you like them, maybe you can try an in person meeting. Or email different doctors and see if you like the connection between you and them. Find one that is right for you. If you’d like help with this I am happy to try and help you.

  • Tomato


    Hey boba, today there’s no need to get to the doctor in some cases. You can email your doctor, present your status to him, and ask him for any advice. He may suggest medications, psychotherapy or a home visit. Good luck 🤞🏿

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