what's your best way to get you out of a depressive episode?

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Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • megatw


    I wish I knew, I just try to survive it until I can sleep

  • anniemily24


    Mine hit me not too long ago and it's been a rough one. I have always felt my depression physically as well so it makes it 1000x harder. I really don't have an answer,but you are definately not alone💕

  • AlexaRae


    For me, once I’m able to recognize it’s an episode, I basically plan for it like the flu.. pull out any and all of my favorite distractions (video games, movies, puzzles, etc), plan little ‘treats’ for myself throughout the day (eat your favorite thing, buy yourself a little gift, get flowers, etc), and wait for it to pass.. I also found that things that make me laugh help distract the fastest.

  • AlexaRae


    Also personally i use cannabis intermittently throughout the day cuz the depression can really make my mind spiral and I can quickly lose perspective.. cannabis helps bring me back from the edge and gives me some space to feel happy or laugh

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