Does anyone during a panic attack black out? Lately, during my more major ones, I seem to be out of body. I stay awake, but I do not recall anything from the event. The first time this happened I was working and was unresponsive for upwards of three minutes, while a very concerned crowd of around 100 people ( I was conducting a funeral) watched. I almost lost my job. I want to know if this is normal, and if not if anyone has any idea what it could be.

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)

Panic Disorder


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  • Hippie_boy14344


    I have definitely done this before when going through some of the harder attacks. Its always awkward having to explain to someone that im just anxious and overwhelmed not about to have a heart attack.

  • Slug.5


    Not exactly but my vision is the first thing to go, and has become an extra thing to look forward to during my attacks. It’s not so much dizziness as it is fading in and out of reality. It’s scary, but I have yet to fully black out.

  • Bedtimebear33


    I've never experienced this but I have experienced both of my arms doing this numb tangling feeling. You know when you sit weird and your leg falls asleep and it does that tangling pins and needles things and it's kinda numb but you can still feel when you touch your leg. That's how it felt it went through both of my hand up to my elbows and it was like squeezing a hard stress ball when I tried making a fist. My vision kinda goes blurry but everything thing get extremely bright and then I end up slamming some part of body into something to feel pain to make the panic attack stop I bite myself, scratch myself so hard it looks like a rug burn or until I bleed. When I was in school and my chest would feel tight and I'd start feeling uncomfortable I'd take my pencil and push it into my leg not to where it went through my skin but enough it caused pain. Not the best way to handle panic attacks anyone who reads this don't do it I unconsciously do this especially slamming my leg into something when I'm sitting.

  • Clarity


    I go through this a lot. I won't be unresponsive, but I'll "come back to reality" (for lack of better words) and have lost 3/4 hours.

  • Frida


    I relate so much. I always remember how it started, but as it progressives I remember less. While I'm in it, it feels like I'm not in my own body and like I'm about to faint. It doesn't make it easier when a crowd is watching either. I'm glad it worked out with your job in the end!

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