This is a bit of a rant but does anyone else feel this way?
I have hEDS which there is no genetic test for, it at times causes terrible paralyzing pain, but there are also days that are really good and pretty much pain free. But you see that’s where the problems arise. When nothings hurting my mind goes into “ imposter syndrome mode” and i somehow convince myself that I’m a complete fake, it’s all in my head, and I am a selfish and horrible person for making my family go through things for my so called fake Illness. There are even times I ACTUALLY WISH I was in some sort of pain so I could feel a little bit more valid. And of course after a little while when pain starts setting in ( which doesn’t take long 😅 ) All that goes away and I feel really stupid for thinking otherwise.
I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but if you do pls pls pls tell me how you cope with it ❤️

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  • Allie8


    This is exactly how I feel! It can be really hard to cope with. When it’s bothering me the most I try to think of all the reasons I know I’m not just making it all up. Unfortunately it only usually helps for a little bit. I hope you find a way of coping that works for you ❤️

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I struggle with the same feelings sometimes. It really sucks and I’m sorry you are going through this too.

  • SaltyZebra


    I also have this issue. For me it really started with doctors not believing me or telling me it’s in my head so I would start to believe it (of course this didn’t end up being the case and I received 3 chronic illness diagnosis within 2 years). It really helped me going to therapy to learn how to deal with those emotions. I realize it’s not an option for everyone but it’s been very helpful coping and dealing with the imposter syndrome.

  • Pfeiffer


    I have the same thoughts all the time. On my good days I try to convince myself I’m not really sick and it’s all in my mind.

  • GJ


    Actually yes - and I have cancer. If I have a slightly better day I go through the same thing - am I just inventing pain on the other days? But then the pain/nausea return and I wonder what kind of idiot thinks they can fake cancer.

  • Fighter2022


    Yes I go through this also

  • Mandm


    I have the same. I get pain daily but some days are worse than others and I am grateful for the lesser pain days but also think is this all in my head? I know it isn’t as I’ve seen my MRIs! But how do some people just fight through their issues and others (like me) don’t?!

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