I kinda want to start being more nonverbal again. Selective mutism I think will help me through the time I'm having right now. I'm going to try to learn sign but my parents aren't going to like it. I don't know.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Selective mutism


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  • KittyKatKuo


    Honestly speaking, fuck em it don't matter if they don't like it. It's your body, your voice, and your decisions. If you feel it makes your life any easier, go for it.

  • InsidiousAnomaly


    When I go mute and then my parent accuses me of giving them the silent treatment....when it's more like im holding back a meltdown and yelling (or hurting their feelings for being so blunt or whatever )

  • Spence44


    Me too bro let’s do it together

    • Bear807


      sounds like good fun I want in.

  • Bre19


    Honestly do what your body needs to do

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