Does anyone know if gastritis also causes chronic constipation? Since it is an inflammation of the stomach and duodenum

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  • FutureNurse


    You could also have irritable bowel syndrome as well. I have gastritis and IBS, but my IBS is diarrhea prone. But if you have chronic gastritis instead of acute gastritis, it could also cause chronic constipation. Anything wrong with the GI tract can cause anything else in the GI tract to malfunction. It’s the worst 🙃

    • Mariela


      I’m pretty sure I have chronic gastritis.. I’ve been dealing with this for like 7 months now it sucks :( I have this constant discomfort and jumping feeling in my stomach. And I went to a GI doctor and they prescribed me antiacids medication but they’re still not working.. And I literally been relying on laxatives and prune juice or I would literally not have a movement 😔 Almost anything I eat gives me nausea and stomach discomfort and LOTS of bloating. What I’m going through really has me depressed.. But I think outside the box and there’s people out there dealing with much worse things than I am. I have hope in god that one day I would heal.

      • coastalME


        go to a better doctor. Antacids, your kid brother could prescribe. Not to be discourteous, no offence intended.

      • FutureNurse


        what antacids were you prescribed and what dose? Also what laxatives are you taking? Gastritis is not fun… But the only thing to really help gastritis is antacids. Possibly antibiotics depending on what caused it. I wonder if there’s something else going on in your body. People will always have worse things, but it’s okay to struggle with your circumstances! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • SleepLess85


    H Pylori is rarely detected via biopsy, you have to do a hydrogen breath test. I have chronic gastritis that was triggered by Sleep Disordered Breathing. I can say that in order to heal you have to give up coffee, alcohol, citrus foods, and spicy foods for several months. You also have to ease yourself back into those foods once healed. There are an array of natural supplements that work significantly better than PPIs.

    • Mariela


      like which supplements? I don’t want to keep using PPIs lol

      • SleepLess85


        L glutamine, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm, Zinc Carnosine, DGL, Fiber supplements

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