I might be in a delusion right. ow but I really need to talk about this.

Recently I've been concerned that I have Bipolar disorder. I've done three different check lists and score high on the likelyhood of having it. I experience a capgras like mindset ever so often along with increased confidence, socialization, and risky behavior. With this, I will often, out of the blue, have increased sexual behavior/thoughts. I also will have extreme drops of libido, confidence, and energy that sometimes happen very soon after these high moods.

I'm too scared to talk to my therapist about this though. What if I'm just delusional. He's the one supposed to figure this stuff out right? I shouldn't be looking into possible mental disorders. I dont know. What should I do?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • klazikel


    There's nothing wring with exploring possibilities. Talk with your counselor about you concerns. It does sound suspiciously like mood swings. Very much lile mine have been as a matter of fact. I was wrongly diagnosed with Major Depression when I was a teenager and my med provider wasn't comfortable diagnosing an adolescent with bipolar, even when i showed him a pamphlet about bipolar that had 10 symptoms and i fit 8 of them. When I became an adult i found another med provider who gave me a proper bipolar diagnosis and then my journey really began. Not gonna lie, it was a rough ride at times, but the right diagnosis helped me to navigate my disorder and stay focused on my goals and my plans. It sounds like you have valid concerns and I hope you feel safe enough to try and address those concerns with your counselor. Good luck to you on your journey and if you'd like to talk about this more, feel free to DM me.😁

  • Olivebutter2236


    The main thing to diagnose bipolar is you have to have had at least one single manic episode in your life. If that is true to you its very likely especially if accompanied by depression. It's always worth talking about or seeing someone for evaluation. It won't ever hurt anything.

    • Len


      I talked about this with my therapist and its kinda hard to tell if I have had one because I live my life like I'm in a constant manic episode

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