What do you guys do for jobs/work? I am having the most horrible time searching. Do you tell them you have narc? I need a stay at home job but I doubt that’s possible. Any ideas?

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  • jmr2191


    I own my own business. When it came to narcolepsy treatment, 600mg of modafinil couldn't render me functional enough for a full time job. Xyrem, however, was the difference between night and day. It's gotten me as close to normal as I'll ever be. It was enough to work full time (I struggled, but somehow persevered), save up and I managed to get to the point where I was able to quit and start my own business. Although I work longer hours now, the schedule I make is my own and I'm able to work around narcolepsy more effectively. Xyrem was the medication that my symptoms responded to. Nothing else worked.

  • pugbug1231


    So far I’ve learned that a) do not disclose your disability until after you’re hired, even if places are equal opportunity employers. People have inherent biases and narcolepsy is highly misunderstood. b) look for jobs which are flexible. I’m in data/policy analysis so I can often set my own hours as long as the end product gets done. c) find ways to compensate for your shortcomings. For me, this is being overly prepared and getting things done well before the due date, going above and beyond so my work stands out, having a good attitude, etc. d) I’ve always found small employers to be the best. I’m a big fish in a little pond and quickly come to fill a critical role, making me difficult to replace. Id rather settle for a job that’s less prestigious and demanding and know I’m valued and can be myself than to go into something which makes tons of money. e) look for jobs with diverse roles. Doing something where you are only crunching numbers or talking on the phone is setting yourself up for failure. Also jobs where you can be physically active is important. Good luck!

  • BreBee04


    I work at walmart. They have not discriminated against me and even let me take naps when I need to. The best thing I find that keeps me awake is not having me on the same activity for longer that 3 hours, so I'll do register, than self check outs, then stock, etc. It's worked out very well for me

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