hey every1…does anyone else deal with frequent disassociation? if so how do you manage it? i’m having trouble staying focused long enough to ground myself

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  • Reesie


    I like to block out 1-2 hours every night to listen to music and disassociate, but with PTSD i still struggle throughout the day if someone/something triggers a flashback i can dissociate for weeks if its bad enough, if yours is PTSD related im happy to give you someone to talk to, but for my regular dissociating blocking time to do just that has greatly improved my frequency of doing it during the day/when i cant.

  • Cheza


    I’ve experienced disassociation once and it was from a work related incident, very much so a trauma related type of thing where I was dreading to work at a specific day dealing with specific trauma anxiety inducing triggers including working with certain people and just overall not being in an okay place mentally it was a mental cocktail that made me just disappear mentally. Thankfully my significant other made me call out of work because I couldn’t deal with all the pressures

  • Jadie


    I can have a wide spectrum of dissociative responses some have lasted mere moments when a trigger was said and some have lasted years. Journaling has helped me deal with it better mentally and keeps me focused on what I need to do. I have little boxes to fill out like my meds my cats feedings and what I eat so I dont ruin my health. I can look back on previous days or entrys to ‘catch up’ if I had an episode or different symptoms that make remembering things hard. As for managing feelings over it, I have no clue.

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