Have you been able to find a direct cause for your pain?

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  • Jacu


    At this moment , I haven't been able to find a direct cause to my pain.

  • Steph08


    I’ve just been told it’s fibromyalgia. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like it’s a very broad diagnosis for “you have a certain pain and we don’t know why!”

    • Kazoo0416


      yea I feel the same way. Been told it’s fibromyalgia but personally I think it’s a autoimmune issue especially since it runs in the family.

  • DysUnicorn


    Mine stems from abdominal surgeries for hernia repairs but I have joint, muscle pain throughout as a result

  • Kaykay15


    Yes, my MRI detailed the issues with my whole spine and now is pinching nerves that cause me agony in my neck, back, hips etc.

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