This is a longshot but I'm desperate at this point and I need help before I manage to ruin my relationships. I really need to find as safe place to write out my thoughts where I can let them sit for a day before I can share them. Like a digital diary with a timer as a lock. I can't stop my impulse of verbal vomiting when I'm upset but I end up doing it in long text spams or emails and sending them out before I can think better of it. Sometimes what I write can be helpful but I need time for it to sit so I can better decide if it's worth sending. It's become a true source of major struggle all around but I can't force myself to stop. I need help.

Another thing I need is a program with a word input limit (like what Twitter has) where I can write things out and create multiple posts but also have a limit to how many posts to the thread. I need this so I can draft up texts without them becoming rambling text storms that overwhelm the reader. If the limits can be customized it would be perfect.

Like I said, I know it's a longshot and these things would be temporary while I retrain my brain to automatically be able to sense the limits. But for right now I'm spiraling and I truly need something to help me.

I'm open to suggestions (though I swear I have already tried a great many things to no avail). Maybe someone knows a coding genius with a kind heart that feels altruistic toward people who suffer from the burdens of their mental health issues who is also bored and looking for a way to flex their talents?

Please, I am begging. I can't keep doing this but I don't have the ability to stop myself even knowing what's at risk. I've been trying. Please.

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  • HanniLegend


    Hello! I don't consider myself a coding genius by any means but I'm a software developer. I'm wondering if you want a text box that lets you email it to yourself when you're done. I think it would be pretty quick to throw something together like a web page that has this, not sure about a mobile app probably depends on if it's iPhone or Android. Might take longer to make. Are you more interested in a word limit or a character/letter limit?

    • coder87


      I'm a software engineer too! You have a good idea. It depends what she wants. But if you make a web app that's mobile -friendly she could pin it to her home screen like an app, no app store required and cross-platform

    • SunnyShark


      oh my God bless you for appearing in my time of need. I just need to have a set limit of words per posts as well as posts overall. For example: 300 words per post and a limit of 5 posts overall. Does that make sense? I also have an android phone (Galaxy S22+)

      • HanniLegend


        I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement something like this. I'm kinda leaning towards looking into seeing if I could build a word press plugin that does this. I think it would be easy to create a mini word pad that limits words or characters. Once you add the ability to post that increases complexity a bit since it needs a database and likely needs a back end/services unless you use a cookie based storage. Being able to email yourself might mitigate that some if you'd be ok with that. It still requires some back end magic but not as much. Not sure what to think. I have a bunch of other projects though maybe I could abuse one of them to make it provide the functionality you want. One has a commenting system in place so I could in theory make a special page for you that has your limited post size built in to the text box. It has edit capability and such... And tags for categories. It's intent is more along the lines of web comics/art.

  • Stigmatico


    Have you tried a webpage/app called Livejournal? Look into it if you haven't done so yet.

  • Lulu85


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