Cannabis and bipolar. Do you use it as medicine, and if so what strains/strengths/modes of consumption? just looking for other people's experiences regarding this.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • vanouri


    I use it to ease my depressive episodes, I don't always remember strain but it's usually a hybrid. Latest was purple punch and it didn't make me overly paranoid like some strains do. I usually smoke flower, but I've also taken edibles.

  • Raynebow_Mama


    I use it to medicate. It help me sleep especially when I'm manic and helps me with serotonin and dopamine when I'm depressed so I can feel like doing things that need to get done. It helps keeps me stable enough to not reach a bipolar psychosis state. But again that's just how it helps me personally

  • bobe909


    I don’t use it at all, it makes me manic. Especially sativa or hybrid

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