My boyfriend keeps breaking up with me. He tells me it’s because I’m immature and I need to grow up, but he broke up with me for calling out his friend. His friend made jokes about my self harm and he was defending him, telling me about how we have made fun of my scars In the past. I felt this was irrelevant, me and my boyfriend making fun of my past is different than your friends I don’t know well doing the same. He tells me I can’t handle having a conversation. I really try to talk with him but he just resorts so leaving every time it gets heated. I get manic and freak out, crying desperately trying to find something to say to make it better. Then he just leaves. We are still talking and hanging out but every times he’s not here I feel like my life sucks without him. I haven’t left my bedroom all day. I wish it was easy for me to be without him. It seems so easy for him to be without me. I feel so numb

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  • MrPoetic19


    Hi! You don’t deserve the treatment that your boyfriend is giving you. Your scars are nothing to joke about. You are young but seem very mature for your age. Maybe it’s time you looked for a more mature guy. I know you love him and love can get confusing sometimes. But what would love be without confusion and heartbreak. I hope that you and your boyfriend can work out a solution to the problems you are having. If things can’t be worked out then maybe it might be time to move on. Don’t see the ending of a relationship as an ending see it as a new beginning. When 1 door closes another opens up.

  • zoomiesmom


    I'm sorry Hon. I don't think he's treating you right.

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