Hi there, I was hospitalized with a swollen brain for 4 days with Cerebral amyloid antipathy! The docs told me there is no cure & the research shows possibility cause is Hereditary! If you Google the diagnose it will tell you what the symptoms are! Basically my understanding is it is brain bleeds into the proteins in your brain not protecting the cells correctly causing Brain bleeds! Neither the issue is dementia! Is anyone else how do you situation for this medical problem? What is the treatments and what are your symptoms??


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  • Boricua


    I've just been diagnosed. I don't know yet which type I have but I do know it's affected my heart and kidneys and nervous system. I go in on the 11th for a nuclear stress test on my heart.

    • Kathlik


      CAA … no cure and poor prognosis. Few doctors understand it. All tell me different things

      • Kathlik


        Cleveland clinic is doing a study but they stink at communicating with the patient. Very frustrating.

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