This may seem odd, but does anyone else have horrific nightmares and sleep paralysis when you don’t use their CPAP at night?

I had a very vivid nightmare that I couldn’t wake from! It happened a few nights ago. Every time I would wake up, I could open my eyes slightly but I couldn’t move. I felt like I could barely breathe too. I would, each time, fall asleep again within seconds. This probably happened about 4 times.

When I was able to finally wake myself up (with all my might), I was panting and sweating. I could barely move my fingers as well. It felt like my body wasn’t awake.

I was told by my husband that I only slept for about 40 minutes, so I woke up on average once every 10 minutes.

Something similar happened once before about a month before I got my CPAP. During that, my husband said I was having trouble breathing.

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