Idk something isn't right. Us and this person were super good friends up until they got a romantic partner. Now they both third wheel us, and stopped including us in anything. We get having quality time with your Partner, but also what about friends? We need time too. And I've tried to be friends with his partner but she's just very, jealous and resenting against us.

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  • Bai


    I forgot to add this, but we're thinking of cutting them out of our lives because we think it'll be better for our mental health as of right now

    • Bai


      At least until they can better manage their time, but i hope that they're not in an abusive relationship, i got bad vibes from her..

  • Elytra


    I've been in the same boat. My ex best friend would be a wonderful friend up until they had a romantic partner. It drove me absolutely insane, and eventually I had to just let them go because they made it clear what they were going to prioritize. It could be that they're in an abusive relationship, but if they do it consistently over multiple partners then they're just showing their true colors.

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