Where do I start with getting better at handling my anxiety?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • LizBlue


    Therapy and medication helped me. I know medication isn’t for everyone but it’s my biggest regret not starting it sooner. Every day I felt like I was drowning under water and within 3 weeks of lexapro I felt so much better.

  • Toph


    I am still actively struggling with my own anxiety so take this with a grain of salt. For myself I have found diet plays a definitive role in my anxiety. If my stomach is upset, so is my brain. At least that is how it feels. Equally as important for myself is mindfulness, conscious breathing, and sleep. I'm not very good at any of them yet, but practice has definitely made it come slightly easier over time. As for outside of the body, I've been doing counseling for over a year now and I really do appreciate it. I hope the best for you! ❤️

  • Toph


    Oh, exercise also! I'm terrible at keeping up with it, but the few times I was able to walk daily for a few weeks definitely helped my anxiety and mood.

  • faeriekeri


    self help workbooks are really nice!

  • Josephine


    I’m taking 5mg of Lexapro. I also take Omega 3 supplements which I heard is also supposed to help too. It’s also important to find yourself a good support system to talk things out when needed.

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