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  • bouncyroo11


    My favorite solution is taking pictures of your dirty room or place. And then starting what's in the picture so just a section at a time. Putting on some good music helps me

  • Dorkasaurus


    CLEAN!!!!!!! 🫧

  • rachael1234


    Try starting in one room look at it as a big picture then pick a corner and stay there till it is done. My aunt had to teach me that because I used to like to bouncy from one spot to the next because of add

  • Laurel.Rose


    me too my guy i need this laundry YEETED

  • smkeaton


    I like to watch cleaning motivation YouTube videos!! Also, buying fancy new cleaning products gets me excited 😆 start small, do different tasks on different days.. tidy up one day, wipe down surfaces the next, etc. Motivation actually comes after getting started. So once you trick your brain into getting up, usually you’ll get more done than you originally intended to. But if you don’t, it’s okay. 😊 My husband likes to do a rack of dishes inbetween playing video games. “Organizing” the dishes by separating and washing them starting with cups, then bowls, plates, big pans last. Idk it works for me. 😅 Music is always good. I take lots of breaks and “reward” my brain lol. Changing your perspective is huge, especially with ADHD. It needs to be “fun” and dopamine producing for your brain to want to do it. If nothing else, start by cleaning off the surface in front of you. Even just wiping down the tv stand and then going back to watching movies. It’s a start. I’ve really had to work on this one as my husband and I both have ADHD, and I have bipolar with depression on top of it.

  • Mbgjvb


    This comment section was something I needed. I’ve started giving myself to do lists of like 15 things I need to get done or want to get done and give myself a set amount to do in a day. That way i feel like I’m meeting my goals :3

  • IAng


    When I had to clean my room on Friday, what I did was put on Hamilton, turn up the volume, and just vibe. I didn’t get through all of Hamilton, but I did get my room clean. I suggest loud music, maybe a musical or a movie with a lot of music that you really love.

  • camel


    I use rewards as motivation like a trip to Lake compunce or going out to eat. Simple things like that

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