hello, everyone. I'm happy to try this app. I hope to find more people like me. My hEDS causes isolation and depression. I don't really talk to anymore near me about it because, they do not understand it. I hope to find people that understand me and possibly help others.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • LeeannD


    It's hard to find people who get it. Glad you found us!

  • QueenSmurf


    Do you have fb? There are a bunch of EDS support groups.

    • SharkBlood23


      Yes but I do not like the groups on Facebook it’s very disconnecting for me.

  • Ty_Dye


    Hey! I’m new too, isn’t this cool? I definitely can understand where you’re coming from as I tend to isolate too.

  • Nonamae


    I just found this app today. I don’t leave my house much unless I’m going to a doctor, pt, or taking care of my sick Mom

  • Pugmamma


    I’m the same I’m mostly home

  • Katnipp


    I’m just now looking into eds and I definitely know I need to go get a diagnosis. I’ve been isolating too. I’m worried about meeting new people and being the only disabled one. I don’t know how people will react :(

  • Pugmamma


    I feel the same I feel like I have 3 friends that if I need something would help but they are healthy and work and have normal life I don’t blame them but they rarely call or check any more. I get it I do text them some so I don’t expect them to always text me first but I have other “friends “ that have similar issues and I’m always checking on them but when I reach out they just aren’t there Sorry I’m having a feel bad for me time and going through depression and grief and aloneness

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