I really want a hug right now. Im depressed and am in pain. I could really use a good hug from someone that cares

Chronic Generalized pain


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  • not_b00bs



  • Shroom_Fairy


    I can't exactly hug you through a screen but it's going to be all good, it's always is eventually, I promise it will 🫂

  • NervousDepresso


    I get you man. Hugs are one of the most comforting things in the world. Just holding, or being held by, someone close to me, someone I care makes me feel calm and comforted. I just feel loved and like everything is gonna be ok.

  • uncletim99


    🤗🫂 hugs and concerns for you.!¡!

  • Braxs


    I'm here for you!

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