How do you deal with guilt? When they first told me it was suspected I have PTSD I didn’t believe them because I didn’t think anything I experienced was bad enough to cause that. Now after I’ve been diagnosed I still constantly feel like I must be faking or that I’m being dramatic because I have friends and such who have been through worse. What do you guys do to quell those feelings?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • fae


    I was also diagnosed with PTSD recently and i find that validating your traumas and not comparing your situation to others works the best for me. I felt the same way at first but then i realized what happened to me still was traumatizing and now my brain feels that i constantly need to be protected and that’s okay. I see PTSD as a way for my brain to say “this is too much to handle right now” and the disorder takes over, if you try to look at it this way i feel like you’d also be better off🖤

  • callmeblue


    learn your truth and embrace it. u can't be afraid of urself - ur all u have

  • Duckie


    I saw a thing where it said “It doesn’t matter the amount of arrows in your back, but the pain/damage it inflicts.” Don’t compare yourself or your trauma to others, you are unique and so is your mind 💕

  • Angie


    Hi fake! First, every one is unique and we see and experience things differently. Second, the fact that you are diagnosed with PTSD doesn’t take anything away from your friends.. it will just get you treated better

  • Ugo.Iba


    The self-doubt is in itself a defense mechanism from the brain coping with trauma. It’s a part of numbing, minimalizing, dismissing, or forgetting the trauma that your brain is using to keep moving and surviving.

  • Puppies


    Hey, I want to reach out and say this: comparing is hurtful. I'm neurodivergent, and it's been shown that we tend to absorb more information - for that matter, I probably am more susceptible to experiencing trauma, because my brain absorbs so much more information than a neurotypical brain does. Please try to be kind to yourself as you're experiencing this journey. We are all feeling around in pitch black darkness as we learn about ourselves and what our needs are. Keep exploring, and I send my love during this difficult time. 💕

  • Crow


    I was dx’d with some sort of ptsd as well. We all process things differently. Someones worst may not seem bad at all to you just as you think of yourself :0! I feel like what stuff happened to me wasnt much shit at all. I cant see how it couldve caused the issues its caused. But there are times i think about it and realize; It mustve been hard on me when i was little at least yknow?? I dont have the big ptsd, no flashbacks. Just the symptoms that come from it i was told i cant remember. But what happened to me changed the way i grew. I didnt have to be hyper vigilant or a people pleaser or dissociate. We adapt in ways to keep ourselves safe. Just because you dont seem as bad as someone else doesnt mean you didnt change for what happened. If it makes you feel better theres gotta be different levels of severity with ptsd, im sure. Were all still under the umbrella.

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