I'm currently a college student and I've always struggled with isolation. I have no close friends on campus after 2 1/2 years of being here, just some friends that I talk to on occasion. Everyone already seems to have established friend groups so when I met one person it's usually difficult because they already have an established group of friends. I'll try to fit in but I feel like the friendships I try to cultivate fizzle out. I just feel like something's wrong with me and I've been down a lot lately feeling lonely.


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  • azula


    Hi Jess! I am on the same boat as you. Despite trying to meet new people, I feel as if our relationships do not further develop past a “acquaintance” level. Especially, after COVID it can be even harder to communicate in an authentic way. The two year mark in university is a big time as you have completed half of your credits and the reality of the future comes peeking through the door. It does not help as we are entering the winter and those with depression have their symptoms worsen during this time of year. Acknowledging that there is something that feels “wrong” is a huge step toward finding a solution. I was able to find some comfort in conversations with individuals through tinder, bumble, hinge as it made me feel better to actually have at least some form of interaction. I think if possible seeing if there is any campus clubs or organizations that interest you that are seeking members, it would be a great way to start a baseline relationship where you can build upon a similar goal/interest. You are helping yourself by acknowledging an issue and trying to address it - you deserve a huge high five as many people tend to completely ignore their negative feelings. I hope you feel better very soon and feel less lonely in these hard times..

  • Khrysstee


    I have the same problem!! I don't seem to be able to make friends!

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