Can’t lose weight for anything, I’m 80 pounds overweight. I think it’s fat blocking my liver. Any ideas to clean fat from liver and rod constipation?

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  • Lizardpeoplearereal


    Drink a lot of water and eat lots of fiber. Only take laxatives if you really need them, but miralax works great. Idk if you are drinking alcohol or consuming a lot of sugar, but try to drastically cut back. Fatty liver disease can be exacerbated by pre diabetes and diabetes as well as insulin resistance, and those things will be made worse by consuming too many simple sugars like in soda or beer. Finally, if you can, try to consult a doctor and get a referral to a dietician. I know it gets expensive even with insurance, but they can help.

    • Cassi86


      thanks so much for responding, I do drink occasionally and have yo-yo dieted so much over the years. I do think I have insuline resistance for sure. Good advice! Never thought of a dietician

      • Lizardpeoplearereal


        np, I struggle with my weight a lot too. Dieticians are really helpful when it comes to learning how to get into healthy habits

  • Bethyko


    I know milk thistle is very help for liver. As well as turmeric

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