I'm not yet diagnosed.

However feel major imposter syndrome, as if my symptoms aren't 'bad enough' to fight for diagnosis, despite my symptoms severely affecting my life at the moment.

Anyone else ever felt this way?

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • Wednesday_7


    Yeah, I definitely relate. I just recently got diagnosed, but my doctors don’t really acknowledge it. Imposter Syndrome really sucks, but I believe you. I think your symptoms are bad enough.

  • samtheant


    I used to feel this way about my depression. But then I realized, who the f cares about what label you put on your symptoms? Whether or not it's bad enough to label it, the question that REALLY matters is: would treatment make it better? If yes, then GO GET TREATMENT. Don't punish yourself for "not having bad enough symptoms."

    • BumbleBea


      thank you - that'd a fab way of putting it. Treatment would so help my quality of life at the moment

  • loulou1591


    I'm currently feeling like this at the moment

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