Online dating with chronic pain conditions is so hard! How do people do it!? I can’t keep up with communication because of my constant low spoons and it’s so hard to explain to people I just started talking to like hey sorry I didn’t reply for a day or a couple days even but I still want to keep talking. It’s so hard. I put on my profiles I have chronic pain but not sure how to deal with this issue?

Chronic Pain

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  • Elladolores


    I don’t disclose my condition to any dating site, there are things better kept private. I will not waste my little bit of energy explaining why I can’t make over there or here. Let them know you for you, that way you won’t be labeled. When the time is right then bring the medical records.

  • Chronically_Awesome


    I totally understand! I am 25 and dating is one of the major issues in my life. I wish I had a better answer to this question, but I can say you’re not alone. It’s he worst!

  • Tayzer


    If they love you and want to be your friend they will wait and time won’t even be an issue

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