Who else has the problem of not being able to do anything school related? And how do you get past that?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • pink_o_11


    I try to romanticize it a bit like the other user said. Usually, it’s pretending I’m an 18th century scholar at work on my next paper which tricks my brain enough into continuing to work.

  • jaydisen


    i've graduated hs but school has ALWAYS been hard for me 😭 i actually talked to a trusted counselor for a 504 plan that allows me to have extra time on assignments, being able to leave class to go take my test in the library/somewhere quiet, etc. basically it was a document that had specific rules for my teachers that helped w my adhd. also, allow yourself to take breaks, talk to any trusted teacher/counselor/etc. hope this helps

  • OuchiePrincess


    I would find things to reward myself with if I was having a really hard time with a project. I’d also ask for help, even though I loathe asking for help.

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