Anyone in the UK had a bad experience waiting for endometriosis treatment?


Recurrent Syncope

Generalized pain


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  • emzpineapple92


    Yes I have been told I have to lose 4 Stone before they will do the op

  • pandalacious


    I was lucky enough to have it covered by work's health insurance. If you have the chance, try to go private. I had surgery to remove some of it 4 years ago and since then had virtually no pain (had to take the pill in the meantime) and also managed to get pregnant and have a super healthy baby. There is hope!

  • ClaireAngel


    Sadly, yup!!

  • Hope90


    I was on a years waiting list for laproscopy which got brought forward when I had an episode of uncontrollable acute onset pain and collapse. Worst pain I've ever felt! The doctors put me on tramadol and oramorph for when I have pain episodes. Had the surgery 3 weeks ago now. Still having issues but I'm badly scarred inside, it's stuck to my bowel and will need more surgery soon most likely. Only 1 doctor who does the surgery where I live. Hope you get some relief soon. Ots not easy. Always here to chat :)

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