Anyone else just know words, but they don’t remember ever learning them or even hearing them? For example, I have tinnitus and I had a hard time describing the sound. Then my brain offered the word tinny, basically meaning small & high pitched, which is the perfect description for my tinnitus. But I don’t ever remember learning it.


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  • KratomEater


    All it takes is once and it’s in your brain somewhere😊 your brain is amazing don’t be surprised 🫶🏽

    • MissWilwarin


      oh, absolutely. Once I learn a word, it becomes part of my vocabulary. Doesn’t matter if it’s old slang that no one says anymore or a world that’s hyper specific.

      • KratomEater


        for sure! And sometimes our subconscious hears words that we don’t realize as well 🤗

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