Hi, new to the app but not to migranes unfortunately. I am very excited to have found a community that know what it's like. I've had migranes with aura for almost a decade and regular ones for even longer, I wanted to ask what are some things you do to remain calm during migrane episodes?

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  • Niki_PR


    I'm prescribed to 2 different dosages of sumatripan. I try to take the lower dosage one as soon as I get any symptoms related to a migraine. If i take it right away, I can often prevent it from spiraling out of control. I keep the higher dosage ones for when it's at it's worst. I also make sure that I've eaten something that settles the stomach, just in case I get nausea. You can also get these one-time use ice packs and carry them in your purse. If I'm in a situation where I can't get home to a dark room right away, I like to use one on my neck/head to cool me down. Using cold temperatures is something I learned in therapy that helps regulate your heart rate, and it just feels really nice and gives me something to focus on. I also will put on sunglasses even if I'm inside so that the light doesn't make it worse. I also use ear plugs. Basically anything I can to tune out the world better until I can get somewhere safe. Hope some of this helps.

    • atla_kk


      Those are really good tips, thank you!

  • Leahness


    I do the same thing. What are your 2 dosages of Sumatriptan? The doctor just increased mine to 50 because the 25 wasn't working.

  • T_Bone


    Sleep, throw up. I take magnesium citrate everyday to prevent it. Works like a dream, haven't had one since, except the time I forgot to take it.

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