Hi I’ve written a few times about my severe anxiety and now I have a prom that i don’t know anybody at and I constantly compare myself to all these girls that are prettier than me. I throw up with anxiety attacks and last night I woke up at 3 am thinking I was dying and almost had to call the ambulance I couldn’t breathe or swallow. I called my doctor today and said the meds i’m on right now aren’t working and I can’t go to prom like this. He prescribed me Xanax which to me is a big scary drug but I trust it will work better than all the other ones I’ve tried. Has anyone tried xanax, how has it worked for you?


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  • QueenOfCrohns


    (this is about to be long and i apologize!) Xanax is very generic for anxiety (& I know it’s hard to believe when you have anxiety) but it’s really not a big scary drug at all. I think any new medication can be intimidating when you’re not used to taking a lot of medication. But trust me, once you start taking, it it won’t feel as scary. Also remember, not every anxiety medication works for everyone! It’s definitely not one size fits all! It always takes a little experimenting to see what works best for you. And if you have side effects to the drug (unless they’re unbearable) don’t stop taking it. It takes about three weeks for any side effects to go away. (And for the drug to start really working.) I’ve been on lorazepam since the seventh grade, (I’m in college now) and when I first started taking, it it was definitely a challenge. But I got used to it eventually and it’s really helpful for me! And I always try and focus on the positive of that! It’s meant to help you, not hinder you! Medication is your friend! I recently started buspirone and the side effects were pretty rough for the first few weeks, but they eventually went away and it worked really well for me! I hope you get to (safely) enjoy prom. (Wear a a mask!) I remember I had a lot of anxiety going to my prom. I had just gotten out of the hospital and I was really weak and frail when I went and didn’t really get to do anything because of how physically bad I felt. But I was happy that I got to go at all! It wasn’t really about the experience but just getting to say that I went! Because all kids deserve to go to their proms! And if you’re close to your senior year … I PROMISE you, you will most likely never see these kids again in your life…. “status” and “looks” will mean nothing when you get out of high school. Absolutely nothing. And I didn’t realize that until after I had left. And if I could go back and do it again I probably would’ve just enjoyed myself more knowing I was never gonna have to see them again lol. So try your best to enjoy yourself! And remember, you can ALWAYS leave if it gets to be too much. Wish you the best!

  • rj.crow


    I haven’t been prescribed Xanax but I was put on Adderall a while back for ADHD. It scared the crap out of me because of what I had heard in school about it but it ended up working really well for me. If you genuinely have a problem, using the meds they way they’re intended to treat it isn’t a bad thing.

  • Moongirl


    Xanax doesn’t work for me because even the smallest amount will make me fall asleep lol. If you’re having panic attacks I wonder if a beta blocker would help

    • KTwombs


      I have tried a beta blocker and it didn’t seem to have any effect

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