anyone else have spinal stenosis and actually understand what it is? I've known about the diagnosis for most of the year, but haven't fully understood it I guess. over the weekend I was in the hospital and a doctor asked me about it and how I was literally walking around because it is that bad. I guess I need to know more about it.

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  • AlphaTurtle


    It's literally bone spurs slowly growing from your vertebrae and compressing your spinal cord. Had i not had a cervical laminectomy and fusion, I'd either be dead or on life support right now. So yeah. It can get bad. I would suggest seeing about talking to a neurosurgeon and go from there. Best of luck to you.

  • Jlync80


    My Dr said it's the narrowing of the spinal canal. Causes are spurs, authritis, wear and tear, ECT. Basically those causes put pressure on the spine and it deteriorates. It cannot grow back, when it's gone it's gone forever. They can do things 2 help pain but not fix it. Doing PT and trying 2 fix the cause shud help. I'm doing PT right now praying. I have disc issues and several forms of stenosis and DDD and thickened ligaments. It's seriously painful. Good luck on ur journey!

    • Gemini43


      my doctor said the same.

  • Jlync80


    And yes get a neurologist and pain management Dr, if surgery is needed they will send u2 a neurosurgeon.

  • Osovagabundo


    See a neurologist to see if surgery is an option. Mine is inoperable by four neurologists. One suggested I explore alternative complimentary care. Nearly six years later w diet, supplements, movement, natural pain remedies have helped me manage it. If you get a pain Dr or pain management contract you will be held to that or some may claim to drop care if you veer outside Thier protocol.

  • pammd


    I was just diagnosed with it after suffering for close to a year. At 1st I thought the leg pain and weakness was due to a statin I was taking. But I've been off it 6 months now and my pain is worse

  • JkHmR82


    I waited a year after initial diagnosis attempting conservative measures recommended to me. It didn't work. I went to the ER at one point it was so bad and by the time I finally saw a neurosurgeon I was nearly paralyzed. He put me in surgery 4 days later. Because I waited I have permanent nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, horrible balance and chronic pain. Go to a doc like yesterday.

  • bmboats


    I hate going to Drs, seems like no one wants to help me

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