I hate having intrusive thoughts, I hate being being alone, I hate that I can't eat normally, I hate that I never get a break from unending trauma and I just wish it would all just stop


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  • Sunnirie


    I felt like that yesterday very badly you just gotta take it a minute at a time and if that’s too much a second the worst of it will pass

  • Messier87


    Everything will be okay. ❤️

  • BornAnxious


    Therapy and medication saved me, and continues to do so. If you have a therapist you should message them and tell them you’re having bad thoughts. If you don’t I encourage you to seek one out, if you need help figuring out how to find one, I’d be happy to give you some tips. In the meantime (since it can take a little while to get an appointment) there are anonymous hotlines, websites and apps like this one where you can find genuine support. You don’t have to go it alone! ❤️

  • kk_queen


    I understand what you're going through I'm the same way but just keep in mind everything's going to be okay

  • Little_red413


    ❤️i feel the smell way, I actually downloaded this app because sometimes I feel like I'm alone with everything

  • not_haylee


    I feel the same way. You are not alone

  • Toria25


    I can relate to how your feeling but I know that the way to make it better is to just make a change in routine. I should listen to myself as well.

  • BongoCat


    I completely understand the never-ending cycle of trauma. Especially when it feels like life never gives you a break. I’ve found it helpful to find a therapist to talk to and I encourage you to do the same if you are struggling. It has helped a lot so far and has lifted a weight off my chest from dealing with some of the trauma that I’ve personally experienced. It is also important to make note that not every therapist is the right fit, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still someone out there for you to talk to 🤗

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