Hello lovely people!! Hoping to connect with others who have the terrible trifecta of MCAS, (hypermobile) EDS, and (not yet diagnosed) POTS ✨ Let’s help heal each other 🙏

Mast cell activation syndrome

Edema & Anasarca

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  • PolkaDot77


    Hello! I also have the trifecta, oh what fun! Sometimes all I can think is how much of a train wreck my body is, but I manage to make it through the day. Some days it forces me to stop and smell the roses, or sit in the weirdest places, those days I'm occasionally thankful for it. It's helped me be the patient, empathetic person I am today.

  • BunToaster


    Another trifecta here! I'm still in the process of finally being officially diagnosed (not the best Healthcare where I live so the tests ruling out other mast cell issues is taking forever) but my pcp is convinced I have it.

  • Pixxy


    ✋Me too hun. Singing to the choir. Do not let anyone, doc's or others ,tell you, ....you are over reacting, you are not as sick as you think, or my fav....you look like you feel fine. Pssst just because I can lick my elbow and kiss my knee caps doesn't mean I am healthy! 1. You know your body....and 2. doctors work for you. Never forget those things. Gentle hugs my new zebra.

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