what does everyone do to keep a1c down

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Roperry2377


    I try to moderate carbs/sugars. I have switched to Coke Zero and Mt Dew Zero sugar instead of regular or even diet pop (I actually like the taste of the zero sugar varieties better), as well as when I do get fast food, I will either skip the fries all together, or only get a small/medium fry, even though I get the larger size drink.

  • JanL


    I do lap swimming 50 min 3x a week or more. Also I love Hello Fresh meals.

  • Amourcinq


    Banana coated in cinnamon every night before bed has helped me.

  • Nanavae


    Be a label reader! Watch for added sugars. Maybe check sodium and proteins. You can learn what spikes your sugar. Care enough about yourself to make the necessary changes. It can change your life.

  • zoomiesmom


    Make a small change every day. If you drink regular soda switch to diet. If you are eating white bread go with whole grain. Try to change small things. Get moving more. Walk up your stairs 1x a day then continue until you are able to do more for yourself

  • Cuz


    Yeah I just drink water I try to stay away from bread I eat a little pasta pasta as good as it I have a little bread I try to stay low try that I don’t eat sweets but I don’t know

  • Terribt


    My drinks are sugar free. Try to stay consistent with my meds.

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