im so terrified of my dad dying i don't know what to do. he's 65 and im 17 and it's terrifying that he's going to be over 70 before i even think about getting married. he's my best friend and my favorite person in the world i don't know what i'd do without him. he's been sick recently and im literally so scared. he's physically disabled, had a heart attack when i was really small, and has diabetes so i never know what's coming health wise. i don't know how im supposed to go to college when he's at home and i would risk losing him while im not here. i don't know if i could handle him dying i think i would never be able to function normally again. i love him so much i hate having to worry about him dying when im not even an adult yet. maybe im just emotional rn cause of stress but i can't stop thinking about this.

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  • ep0ch8


    im also 17 & i feel this way about my mom sometimes. my dad is absent, so naturally im closer to my mom. i understand your fear because i’ve had that fear since i was small. u just have to enjoy the time with him now and try to remain in the present. i recommended reading the power of now… surprisingly a rly helpful read when i was going through a weird time. i really hope u feel better and i hope ur dad stays as healthy as can be

  • BinoVert


    I am so sorry for you both. My dad was my best friend. He had many health issues as I was growing up. He had about 10 heart attacks, diabetes, congestive and congenital heart failure, problems with his vains shrinking, and had quadruple bypass surgery when I was just 15. Over the past five years, he was physically disabled due to a back injury and his other health conditions. He started loosing his hearing and eyes. I was so sad for him and couldn't do anything to help him get better. He just passed less then a month ago and it was so hard seeing him in the hospital and passing. The hardest thing I have ever had to see and had to deal with. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for these things that will happen. Due to all of the stress, my health took a turn for the worse and I have been fighting with my own health. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone and I hope your parents stay with you for many years to come. Live in the moment and never regret not saying or doing something you want to do with them.

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