Question: On a scale of 1-10, 10 being not informed at all, how informed do you feel about your pain management &/or pain medication?

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  • Teardrops


    Honestly I would have to say I don’t know. I have struggle with pain almost all my life. I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and back pain and migraines. Many preventive migraine medications and ones to use once an attack occurs fail to work. I don’t get relief after the migraine starts and the preventative one have rarely cut down on the number that occur in a month. The fibromyalgia pain has almost always been there. No matter what I have taken to relief it. I feel so often unheard when I am at the doctors’ offices. I guess I would say 9. Uninformed…. Currently I have too many doctors taking care of too many issues at once. Don’t change too many things at once.

  • JXARabbit


    Sorry to hear @Teardrops I can really understand and went through a similar battle with migraines. I’ve changed my eating habits and sleeping and do not have as many migraines now. Thanks for answering my post, I was curious how many people found pain management helpful and sadly I don’t think many do 🤷🏽‍♀️

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