I’ve lost a lot of weight since finding out I have celiac disease and am lactose intolerant to the point I’m severely underweight—any advice on how to find gluten and dairy free food/recipes, especially protein and carb heavy?

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  • slaymie


    chickpea pasta is a staple for sure, you can pretty much use any sauce and it’s full of protein and fiber!!!

  • Raphia


    I highly recommend going to Pinterest to find good gluten and dairy free recipes! I have been building a digital cookbook through Pinterest for years now, and I have over 1,000 recipes that are all SO good and full of protein!!!

  • Kay2002


    I'm glad that you already know that you need extra carbs and protein! When I first went completely gluten free, I was NOT prepared for losing so much weight within the first month lol, 20-30 pounds to be exact. How I bulked up over time was to find a protein drink I like (I use boost plus but idk if that's dairy free), then drink two per day, and I ate a carb and calorie heavy gluten free pizza very often as well, but not every day. That has helped me gain weight without feeling like it's an unhealthy weight gain, because pizza can have such a wide variety of ingredients depending on what you get and if it's not heavily processed.

  • Kat1303


    Jovial pasta is a brown rice pasta, it's great and I've actually started gaining weight for the first time in a while

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