about 6 months ago we took in 2 dogs that had been abused, it took me almost a month to get them to trust me and I fell so in love with them, then today while I was gone my bastard of a father in law took them and dropped them off at a local shelter, he never even took care of them I did, I bought their food, I made sure they had water, I made sure that they stayed warm and safe he never lifted a finger to do anything, I did everything and I paid for everything they needed, I feel so angry, sad, hurt, brokenhearted, depressed, they won't make it in a shelter because they don't trust people and the shelter only gives them 7 days to find a home, my baby's are gonna die because my fil is an evil man and yes he's pure evil, he was abusive to his kids and he's abusive to animal's, I'm so sick of being here but I can't afford to move because I have to pay bills, I had to pay $400 this morning just to have the power cut back on because they hadn't paid it in 2 months even though I give them money for the electric bill every month, that was all the money I had left, I just want to get away from these people because if I don't I may not be around much longer, I just want to scream and then die, I hate this world and I want out

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  • Karaeos


    Aw you poor love! Is there no way you can find out which shelter he took them to and ask for them back? I feel so bad for you. I have an abusive family but I got away from them and have no contact now. Maybe we cpuld help you make plans for January to follow through and get you out of there? I mean, we could see whats available for you to use, there has to be other charities out there to help. I'm in the UK or I would have helped you find your babies and I honestly would have taken them in for you till you sorted.

  • niceshyguy


    Goodness I'm terribly so sorry πŸ˜”πŸ˜” my heart is broke for you, just reading your post. I feel so helpless because we can't do anything to help you, but I can be here to listen or if you need to talk somewhere else too. Just please please know we are here for you.

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