What is the cause of your POTS


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • ChronicWitch


    Truth be told- it runs in my family. A lot of the women on my grandmas side have it. We think it is from my Crohns but it could just genetics

  • flenksteks


    Not sure. I developed it after a sort of traumatic event. I don't believe it was post-viral or anything. You?

  • oblivesce


    I'm not sure where mine came from. My mother identifies heavily with my symptoms but is not diagnosed

  • Messymexi


    I've always had an issue with high heart rate and running out of breath fast. But I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and that effects the heart somewhat as well so maybe that's it? My mother's side of family has had heart and lung issues and my father's side has heart and liver problems so who knows

  • Jadie


    I have hypermobile EDS and got POTS (the neuropathic kind) after a scary case of pneumonia at 19. Then some asshat of a doctor gave me amytriplyn(idk i tried) and developed hyperageneric type. Didnt even know this was happening to me. Then after 23 years of trauma, just as I got out of all it, it shocked my system and my POTS got ten times worse than what I had to begin with. Now Im very hypovolemic and anemic aswell. So I couldnt ignore it anymore and had to figure it out. A lot of factors played into it.

  • Hollywood


    I think my eating disorders are what caused my POTS

  • Persephone9


    I had minor symptoms (as in didn’t even pursue treatment) until I got abdominal surgery - that sent my body into a spiral and I got diagnosed with POTS shortly after

  • YumYumRoll


    I believe it is comorbid to my hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome

  • Alaaberg


    There was no specific cause to my POTS. I noticed my first symptoms while I was a collegiate athlete in some of the best shape of my life. The doctors and I looked into it but we could never find a cause

  • Zedgirl


    My pots stems from my hEDS, sadly it’s a common comorbidity 😕

  • monsoonmoon


    Mine also stems from my hEDS. I wasn’t diagnosed with hEDS until recently, but it was very obvious haha

  • elyse



  • cryptic


    probably one of my heart diseases

  • MarinaV


    I think maybe trauma? I had a lot from when I was a baby and I first blacked out when I was 8 or 9

  • smiley.rainbows


    I’ve had it since I was little, I don’t remember

  • hime


    this one always bugs me! i can never figure out if i’ve had it for a long time or if my kidney infection caused it.

  • ghastly


    im not sure, i have always showed symptoms ever since i can remember. it might be comorbid with my fibro, but im unsure

  • NickelThePickle


    We’re not quite sure, but one day a few years ago I randomly fainted, apparently I had a fever of 102 degrees and didn’t know, so I assume I had some illness that never really had other symptoms? Anyway, ever since that day I fainted I’ve had POTS

  • biryguy


    Covid did it for me. I got relatively sick from it, though not hospitalized and ever since then I've had pots symptoms.

  • mentalfloss


    hEDS and shingles

  • sam_023


    MMR vaccine injury.

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