So I was watching some youtube and came across these things called Bioflavoniods and a youtube Dr. said they can help slightly with hemroids over time. I did a bit more research and found they help with blood flow or something and they are great at treating tenitus.
I decided to take some and currently I am about 1.5 months in and I realized something, I had an appointment with my Dr. a week ago and I had 0 anxiety. Normally I would have been a wreck the days leading up to it and so messed up till the moment I got in the car. But for some reason I was very casual with no issues outside of the prep for the visit.
I researched some more and found out that studies were done with Bioflavoniods in 2019 or so for other reasons, but in 2022 someone went back and found a 95% decrease in anxiety and depression among prople taking 5MG or more daily. Now note: I am typing this out of memory and some information may be off. I am sure you can find the studies yourself with a google search and ask your Dr. for info.
But my experience is since a week after I started to take them I have only had 1 instance of anxiety and it might have been me overthinking what happened and classifying it as anxiety when it was just my heart speeding up and other things.
For context I currently take one 700mg capsule after I wake up. The recomended dose for this bottle is 2 capsules a day but that seemed high so I started slow and I will keep it at this level.

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