Just got this app, my family doesn't really understand mental health stuff and all my friends have some anxiety but can't seem to relate to me. Anyone else have agoraphobia and severe depression? also having some problems with my scoliosis and some female problems lol. just want a buddy

Kyphosis & Scoliosis

Diffuse cystic mastopathy



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  • Nau1


    Hey! I totally get how you’re feeling. It’s hard to live in the world sometimes- it’s so chaotic. I had concert tickets for an artist I like that starts now but the farthest I’m able to make it is the Burger King across the street lol

  • Nagem01


    I've been able to work part time while on disability and drive on my own but I always have terrible anxiety and break down sometimes. They kept us 30 minutes late at work and I wanted to walk out

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